We are a bilingual community health center offering access

to health services and health education programs.

We offer the following services:


Our nurse follows up on all our diabetes patients:
First training and introduction on diabetes, Insulin information, and more.

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Mental Health

All Patients have access to our Mental Health worker and/or Psychiatrist on site. They will help you improve your mental health and achieve well being.

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Weight Management

Once registered at the clinic and referred by one of our doctors, an exercise specialist can come to you for a first assessment.

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Did you know our nurse and doctors follow pre-natals? We have a great pre-natal program and info-sessions in french and in English.

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IUD insertion

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Non insured services

Work & School, Insurance, Disability, Driver’s Medical, Maternity Leave, Senior >74.5years, Veteran's Affairs, and More!

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Non Insured Services


School forms or medical certificate, Fitness certificate for summer camp, daycare, travel etc./form only, Pre-employment medical and report and more.

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APS Form, Insurance physical, General insurance form, and more.

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Disability form without exam, Disability parking placard form, Disability benefit report with exam, and more.

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All patients in the Saint-Thomas Community Health Centre have access to services offered by Edmonton Southside PCN. Annually, the NCP offers several free or low-cost classes.

General Health Information

If you are looking for some general information about a health concern that is not mentioned above please visit the Health Canada Website for more information.

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